Trade Promotion Activities conducted by India ITME Society in the F.Y. 2020-21

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14, 15, 16, FEBRUARY 2020


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Address :
Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Dates : 14th – 16th February 2020

Event Destination

  • Official Name:
    Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia.

  • Political System:
    Fedral State with a Multi Party Democracy.

  • Capital City:
    Addis Ababa, seat of the African Union(au) and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Uneca)

  • Location:
    Horn of Africa, at the Cross Roads Between Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

  • Area:
    1.14 million square kilometers

  • Arable Land:
    5,13,190 square kilometers (45%)

  • Irrigated Land:
    34,200 square kilometers (3%)

  • Polulation:
    2nd Population Country In Africa and 9th in the World with a Population Size off Close to 100 Millions

  • Language:
    Working Fedral Language-Amharic English Is Widely Spoken

  • Gdp Per Capita:
    Usd 739 (2015/16)

  • Exports:
    Leading Exports Gold (21%), Coffe (19%) followed by Live Animals, Oilseeds, Flowers and Khat (2016)

  • Climate:
    Temperature in the High Lands : 20 degree celsius - 30 Degree Celsius, Low in the Low Lands up to 45 degree celsius

  • Currency:
    Ethiopian Birr (Etb)

  • Exchange Rate:
    ETB1= USD 0.04, Euro 0.042, GBP 0.037 Yuan 0.31 (January 2017)

  • Geo-specific Information:
    Country Code: +251

  • Time Zone:

Ethiopia has become a preferred destination for foreign direct investment and emerging hub for manufacturing in Africa due to:

  • Excellent climatic and soil conditions for cotton growing.
  • Strong support Institutions.
  • Competitive hydro-electric power and water supply.
  • Enormous local, regional and international preferential market access.
  • Proximity to strategic locations.
  • Guarantee to investors against non-commercial and political risks through MIGA and OPIC and other bilateral agreements.
  • Political Stability And Committed Government

    Flanked 34th/138 economies for impartial public decision making (Global Competitiveness Report, 2016)

  • Conductive Economic Factors

    An average of about 11% GDP Growth since 2005, One of the fastest growing economies in the world during the same period (World Bank Global economic prospects, CIA World Fact book)

    Stable and conducive macroeconomic environment.

  • Well Developed Infrastructure

    Newly built Addis-Djibouti electric powered railway.

    Africa's world class Ethiopian Airlines flying to 97 international passengers and 36 dedicated cargo destinations, also flies to over 20 domestic passenger destinations.

    Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the largest hydro electric power dam in Africa under construction, expected to generate additional 6,000 MW Electricity.

    Expand telecommunication services.

    2 operational and 7 upcoming government industrial parks, 4 privately developed industrial parks.

  • Favourable Market Factors

    Africa's second most populated nation with current size 100millions.

    54 millions active labour force, available at competitive wages.

    Duty free, quota-free access to the USA and EU markets through AGOA and EBA.

    Duty-free, quota-free access to Japan, Canada, China, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand covering substantially all export goods from Ethiopia. Preferential market access to India.

    Member of COME, with preferential market access to a regional market of 400 million people. Strategic location with proximity to the Middle East, Europe, USA and Asia.